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The portals of the Amazon Rainforest are opening again!!!

Located in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. Mawa Yuxyn is a Center for Spiritual Studies in the ancestral tradition of the Yawanawa people. Led by Pajè Waxy Yawanawa.
We open this call to all who want to dive into the forest and experience the spirituality of the Yawanawa people, their customs, and get to know the life of the indigenous people of Acre.

This year we will receive a great gift, the unique opportunity to learn about the mysteries of the plants, in a unique experience for visitors to the Yawanawa lands. Besides all the traditional experiences for the visitors. The immensity of a "living pharmacy" that the Yawanawa shaman Vea and his sons Txanu and Panã, during the experience, will take us to know, deepening in the mysteries of the plants. An ancestral and immemorial knowledge of his people. An experience that marks a unique moment of transformation in his life.


Welcome to our forest!


What will we experience at the Mawa Yuxyn Center?


⫸Study of plants 

⫸Hiking in the forest (Visit to Samauma)

⫸Plant baths

⫸Clay baths

⫸Rapé circle

⫸Classes of Yawanawas singing (Saitis)

⫸Traditional indigenous Temazcal

⫸Traditional Uni (Ayahuasca) ceremonies

⫸Sacred body paintings

⫸Forest stories

⫸Application of Kapun (Kambo)

⫸Samakei - study of the Paje diet (optional)

⫸Typical food

⫸Local craft fairs and much more…

About Waxy Yawanawa and the Mawa Yuxyn family

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Waxy was one of the Yawanawa women to complete the Muka diet, one of the most profound and important initiation diets of her people's spirituality. For more than 10 years she has dedicated her path to the study of Yawanawa ancestral spirituality.


Waxy is currently the physical and spiritual female leader of the Mawa Yuxyn (Mountain of Spirits) Center. 


Together with her family, she develops works with traditional ceremonies around the world, and receives retreat groups for study and experiences in her own home inside the forest, in the Indigenous Land of Rio Gregório, municipality of Tarauacá in Acre, Brasil.


Waxy and her family invite you to visit the Mawa Yuxyn Center, a place to immerse yourself in the ancestral and feminine power of the Yawanawa forest.

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 The Yawanawa people


The Yawanawa people have their villages around on the Gregório River, in Acre, a Brazilian state that borders Peru and Bolivia. Like many indigenous peoples in Brazil, the Yawanawa people have a very strong history, and after having their lands demarcated, after contact with non-indigenous people, they went through a profound process of rescuing their ancestral culture.


Currently the Yawanawa people are known around the world for hosting thousands of people from various parts of the world in their villages for festivals, retreats, experiences and transmission of ancestral knowledge, as a means of redefining the importance of nature and indigenous knowledge for us, for the coming generations, and for the planet. They also open works and ceremonies with traditional ancestral medicines, not only in their own lands, but in other countries and continents. 


The Yawanawa people are known for the power of their unique joy, which they spread through the beauty of their traditional songs, enchanting everyone in their contact. 


From this important rescue, the people have resumed their spirituality as a guide, as they were in time immemorial.

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Objectives Of The Journey:


⫸To offer through the experiences a spiritual retreat of contact, study and deepening in the Brazilian indigenous ancestral culture of the Yawanawa people and the Ancestral Medicines of our forest;

⫸To provide an opening for self-knowledge and healing on several levels (physical, spiritual, emotional and mental);

⫸Reconnect your essence and strength with the essence and strength of the forest;

⫸To know and feel our Amazon forest and all its biodiversity;

⫸Provide visibility to the daily life of indigenous peoples, their culture, ancestral wisdom, rituals and healing ceremonies;

⫸Support the consolidation of the Mawa Yuxyn Center, in the economy of the Yawanawa people, putting into practice the action of exchange and circular economy between Western and Indigenous culture. 


⫸Complet Journey

U$1.500,00 Full Journey

⫸Samakei (Study of diet - optional)


U$300.00 to receive the prayer of the shaman to pass on ancestral knowledge, planting guide and receive monitoring during 30 days of diet.


⫸Healing with Pajé (optional)


U$300.00 to receive the prayer and spiritual assistance from the shaman and accompaniment during 30 days of diet.

LIMITED VACANCES - Registration closes 16/05/22

  • Everyone who wishes to go to the forest, must fill out the registration form in the link below and will go through an interview and conversation for approval to enter with the group in indigenous lands. 

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what's included


⫸Transfer by boat to and from the Mawa Yuxyn Center

⫸All experiences and activities during the forest stay

⫸All medicines that will be offered in the experiences and studies

⫸Complete feeding at the Mawa Yuxyn Center

⫸Accommodation at the Mawa Yuxyn Center, in the Amazon forest

⫸Accommodations in Cruzeiro do Sul with breakfast (place of arrival and departure from Acre)

⫸One way transfer, Cruzeiro do Sul to the banks of the Gregório River

⫸Transfer back from Rio Gregório to Cruzeiro do Sul

⫸Covid test

⫸Study and contact with shamans and Yawanawa indigenous leaders

⫸Saitis class (Yawanawa traditional songs)

whast's not included

⫸Air for arrival in Cruzeiro do Sul

⫸Food in the city (The daily rate at the hotel has breakfast)

⫸Arts and crafts and personal shopping


About numashahu 

Carol lives in southern Brazil, had her first contact with the ancestral power plants of the forest in 2007, in 2017 she met Waxy Yawanawa, in 2018 begins her first journey to the Amazon rainforest, where she opened her studies in the tradition of the Yawanawa people, receiving knowledge transfer with the guidance of her teacher and teacher Waxy Yawanawa.

Since then she has always been in contact with this sanctuary in the forest where she finds one of her homes.

This will be her fourth trip to Acre and the third taking the group.

in a safe space created by Carol Numa shahu (@mulheresdegaya) together with the mawa yuxyn family (@mawayuxyn), we will enter the portals of the forest and navigate Acre with all the support for this trip to be as comfortable as possible, unforgettable and safe.

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Carol numashahu, is a priestess, belly guardian, initiated in the plant study diets of the Brazilian indigenous peoples Yawanawa in the Amazon rainforest, moon dancer, in love with music, singing, the sounds of the forest and nature. Researcher of the body and of deep listening to the emotions. Has in herself and her own path (relationships, family and society) her greatest life research.

the forest is calling

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