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What do you get for signing up for this amazing Journey, in 4 Meetings?

Watch an exclusive show of traditional indigenous music live at your home with dancers and musicians directly from the Sacred Valley of the Incas

Deep knowledge and teachings about traditional medicinal plants which has been transmitted for generations

Participate in an Andean ceremony with Coca leaves receiving the blessings of the invocation in your own home

Exclusive access for 1 year to an online environment where the recording of the entire Journey will be available to watch as many times as you want.

Teachings about the Andean Cosmovision and history of the peoples from the Andes region, from the indigenous narrative.

16 hours of pure magic and connection with the ancestral wisdom of the Andean people directly at your home

2 exclusive bonus videos about the Inca ruins and the harvest of traditional medicinal plants from the perspective of the indigenous narrative

Meet and connect virtually securely without risk of contagion with a global family

Immerse yourself into authentic Andean culture directly from the Sacred Valley of the Incas!

The year 2020 has driven us (as a race) to move forward into the creation of a ‘new’ human being, one who recognizes itself as part of something larger, therefore, able to relate to the earth.


Mythologically, the Inca worldview already predicted a future of regeneration in harmony with the Earth. The Abuelas and Abuelos report that Inkari, son of the Sun and founder of Cusco (Qosqo) with his beloved Qollari, remained alive even after the colonization massacres.

Little by little he is moving towards his complete regeneration bringing the return of the Inca, in which a cosmic order will be reestablished for the good of humanity and the Planet.


This year, our invitation is for you to live this unique and transforming experience without leaving your home. Nurture this moment of transition in the light of traditional wisdom, in the joy and inspiration of a family that has kept alive, until today, a deep connection with the Earth and the Cosmos.

An opportunity to experience and feel this Andean magic with a global family in 4 weekly meetings,.


In this Journey, you will have the opportunity to get to know these precious roots of wisdom from the voice of a native couple, who grew up and developed in the most remote villages where the essence of this knowledge was kept alive and authentic.

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You will feel the magic of the Andes

• We will be guided by a native couple who will transmit to us live, directly from the Peruvian mountains, the most authentic of the indigenous culture.

• You will know the stories of the ancient ruins, through the words of those who grew up and lived in the mountains with their elders who passed on their ancient knowledge orally through the generations

• You will learn about the unique properties of sacred medicinal and healing plants, shared by a young couple from a small village.

• We will experience the Coca Leaf Ceremony guided by the Andean tradition and worldview. In a moment of intimacy with the family of Yaku, Kuntur, and their children, sharing their life and musicality.

• Broadening your senses: you will attend a live presentation of traditional Andean music, an exclusive musical sample, crossing the times, and immersing yourself in the local festivities.

Are you feeling the attraction? Check the schedule!

Ancestral Ceremony and Andean Worldview

  • Opening of the Journey with Yaku and Kuntur, Ancestral Ceremony Andean Samincha

  • Convocation of the 'Big Family' with the Coca Leaves

  • Blessings the intentions that bring us to this Journey

  • Studies on indigenous Ancestral knowledge, Inca

  • Studies on the original way in which the Andean peoples understood life, the cosmos and its language.

06 de Setembro

History of Andean Ancestral Love and the moments of its music

  • Life history and all knowledge acquired in the many years of study in which Yaku and Kuntur lived in indigenous communities in the Andean mountains

  • Old memories about the way of life and ancestral customs that are still preserved.

  • Studies of traditional music, understand about Andean instruments, their function and origin

  • Share about the life path and their music, a special gift from this incredible couple together with their children.

13 de Setembro

Journey of Medicinal Plants

  • Yaku and Kuntur a young friendly couple, welcome you from a small community called Viacha. They are part of a family background with deep knowledge of traditional plants

  • They will be sharing this unique ancestral knowledge about plants which has been passed down through generations. Teaching how to prepare the soil and harvest it.   on  the harvest to how to prepare for it.

  • Knowledge about the power and applied use of traditional plants.

  • Teachings about cultivation and traditional foods.

20 de Setembro

Shows of singing, dancing and traditional Andean musicna

  • We will have a very special moment as a conclusion for our Journey, where a group of dancers and musicians from the small village of Pisac join Yaku, Kuntur and his whole family will transport us in a journey through time to the most authentic of the Andean festivities.

  • A unique experience that explores our senses and tells us in a very beautiful way the history of the indigenous people and the meaning of each dance within the indigenous worldview, with all the beauty and magic of this ancestral living memory that are the Andean people.

  • A journey through time, where we can relive and feel the best of the festivities and the original way of life of these people

27 de Setembro


Andean Ancestral Love - Inka Waylluy


YakuAmaru and Nina Kuntur, with much love and respect, invite us to share and meet the indigenous culture and its ancestral wisdom, built over 5000 years ago. These “tools”, kept and protected until today in the native communities of the Andes, are simply the deep knowledge of your Being.  Its harmonious integration with nature and all its inhabitants; the natural adaptation to the laws and cosmic forces that govern life, to coexisting in an interdependent, conscious, respectful, and loving interaction with all that exists. A refined balance with the whole.


YakuAmaru (Serpiented'Água Water Snake) is an Andean indigenous woman who shares all her ancestral legacy through music, dance, ceremonies, love, and healing. She is also a teacher of Runasimi (Quechua) languages ​​at an educational school for girls, children, and young people of indigenous origin and with low economic resources.


Nina Kuntur (Condor de Fuego, Eagle of Fire) is a native Andean man with a rich cultural heritage, that has been passed down from generation to generation by his millennial ancestors. Kuntur will share this wisdom with great love through music, rituals, and many other skills and activities.

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Inka Waylluy Yaku Amaru e Nina Kuntur - Jornada de Sabedoria Andina/Journey of Andean Wisdom

Inka Waylluy Yaku Amaru e Nina Kuntur - Jornada de Sabedoria Andina/Journey of Andean Wisdom

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About Mulheres de Gaya

"Mulheres de Gaya" (Gaya Women) is a dream come true by two women, Carolina Cataldo Pereira and Beatriz Hochheim, joined in the simplicity of their ways, in choosing to follow the call they felt in their hearts to share ancient teachings and memories they received along the way in their personal search, in their reconnection with the Sacred Feminine and Native People.

A work that seeks awareness of personal awakening and social transformation, reconnection with native tribes, a channel for speaking and listening to a number of different narratives.

Using ancestral knowledge, healing tools and the heart as a working tool through the universal language that unites all beings and rebalances us to live in harmony with nature and the surrounding nature.


Currently at the forefront of this project is Carol, a Mystic , medical woman, initiated in the Amazon rainforest within the Brazilian Yawanawa indigenous tradition, constellator, floral therapist and researcher of Jurema's knowledge. Passionate about music, singing, the sounds of the forest and nature.


About the Translation: Marcela Arantes

Marcela is a plastic artist and healer, facilitator of processes of personal and collective transformation of consciousness that include Conscious Sexuality, Alchemy of the Heart, Listening to Emotions in the Body, ThetaHealing and other tools that help in the integration of all our bodies and the flowering of our brilliance in this Earth. She also acts as a translator, interpreting several courses and workshops, opening up to be a loving channel of transmission.



spanish to english translation

08:00 AM - PERU (Cusco)

09:00 AM - USA (New York)

10:00 AM - BRA (Brásilia)

14:00 PM - EUR (London)

21:00 PM - AUS (Sidney)


Early bird

USD 270

Normal Price

USD 360

Get you ticket

How much would you like to invest in this Journey?

•USD 22.50 per HOUR

•USD 90.00 per meeting

There will be an average of 45 people in Peru involved in this project. You will be will be supporting them and strengthening the expansion of the indigenous knowledge and their narrative. Between production, musicians, dancers and the entire Amor Ancestral Andino family will be supported , as they are unable to work during this difficult time of Coronavirus.

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